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Eee Keyboard: Keyboard+Touchscreen+HDMI=Amazing

Asus has let word out on its Eee keyboard which is basically a multimedia PC that is built into a keyboard with a small secondary touchscreen embedded in it. They have not said if it will be released to the public anytime soon, if ever, but from what it looks like, it seems like the perfect home theater tool. The HDMI completes the deal for an amazing home entertainment PC.

Eee Keyboard: Keyboard+Touchscreen+HDMI=Amazing

Via Gizmodo

AT&T Breaks Out The $99 iPhone

No, it’s not Walmart with these cheap iPhones, but rather AT&T. How is AT&T offering these cheap iPhones? Well they’re refurbs.

$99 Walmart iPhone rumors have been dominating the Internet for the past month, with the final word saying that the rumors were false. Anyone who had their sights set on a cheap iPhone shouldn’t lose hope though. AT&T is now offering refurbished 3G iPhones at super low prices with a 2 year contract. It’s not a bad deal either considering that the phones still have a 90 day warranty and were lightly used beforehand (from previous owners in a 30 day trial period). Read the complete description of the refurbished phones here.

These deals on refurb iPhones will last until December 31.

Here’s how the prices stack up:

* iPhone 3G 8GB Black - $99US
* iPhone 3G 16GB Black - $199US
* iPhone 3G 16GB White - $199US

Find them on the AT&T website under refurbished phones.

Psyko Audio Labs 5.1 Gaming Headphones Pound Your Entire Skull With Sound

Psyko Audio Labs 5.1 Gaming Headphones Pound Your Entire Skull With Sound

The folks behind these Psyko 5.1 surround sound "gaming" headphones went an unorthodox route when deciding how best to deliver sound to your ears—through your skull.

And if the picture doesn't give it away, then I'll just tell you: It's delivered by a bunch of speakers in the headband. Two subwoofers live in the cans, and your fillings will live on the floor after they get shaken from your teeth.

Skeptical, like I was at first? Well, apparently they do the job, says DVICE:

Coupled with subwoofers in the earphones, the result is impressive — during a Call of Duty 4 demo, the sound had some amazing depth with distant artillery booms muddled as they should be, and nearby gunshots crisp and present. There was also a very clear direction in my mind from where each sound came, seemingly more so than I get with the surround-sound headphones I currently use.

I suppose for $300 they better work as advertised. You can try them too, when they launch later this year. [DVICE]

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