Self Destructing Webpages: Coming Soon to a Browser Near You

Advertisements have always been around, but gone are the boring link ads or stationary banners, now ads are interacting with their host pages.

Advertisements have “plagued” Internet users for quite a while now. Most of us have become accustomed to ignoring them and just getting down to the text on the web page, or we use Adblock. After advertisers realized that most people ignore the ads, they had to find something more creative to do that would attract interest and therefore traffic.

Now here’s a taste of the “new” generation of advertising.

Impressed? I was when I first saw it. This type of ad isn’t totally unique though as there are two other well known similar ads on the Internet. Watch the Wii Experience or the NY Times Apple Ad for more life changing ad and web page interaction footage.

These innovative ads make me want to go to the website, to see what other interesting ideas and products the company has. Besides the incentive it’s just plain fun to watch navigation bars fly around in response to the iPod’s movement. The video above is mean to highlight the iPod’s accelerometer so all the elements are synced with the iPod’s movement.

Who knows if this is the future of advertising, all I can say is that the concept is innovate enough that I enjoying seeing those ads enough that I’ll stop and watch them for a bit before moving on with my regular browsing.

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