Lenovo’s Android Phone To Resemble iPhone

Lenovo, largely known as a PC manufacturer is making themselves known in the smart phone market by developing a touchscreen smart phone that strongly resembles the iPhone.

The iPhone is currently the leader in touchscreen smart phones, gaining massive popularity since it’s launch just over a year and a half ago. One of the reasons for the iPhone’s success is it’s simple, intuitive interface and design. Lenovo plans to expand on those qualities and have the phone be powered by the open source Android platform.

The design takes a few concepts from the iPhone such as a full touchscreen interface which fits right into the phone’s body, and it will have minimal buttons which cuts down on the clutter. Having buttons for basic tasks such as calling, hanging up, and navigating menus increases the functionality, but the less buttons the better. These two design aspects will help the Lenovo phone have a modern, minimalistic appearance.

The “oPhone” as it has unofficially been nicknamed will be able to support China’s TD-SCDMA standard for 3G data transfer due to a modified version of Android. This modified version is called the Open Mobile System, which many analysts say will boost sales of the phone since it supports the faster data speeds combined with it’s functionality and looks.

One surprising speculation is that the “oPhone” does not have a visible keyboard which leads some to think that they will incorporate an on screen keyboard into their modified Android.

The “oPhone” is set for a China only release between February and March 2009 for China Mobile. This seems like a very promising phone, combining the functionality of the open source Android platform as well as the stylish looks.

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